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PCV/ LGV Licence Acquisition

We can take you through the whole process of Licence acquisition from start to finish.

  1. The first step in gaining your large vehicle licence is to apply for provisional entitlement which involves having a large vehicle medical.
  2. The GP will complete a D4 medical form which will be handed back to you following the medical. This needs to be sent off with a completed D2 form together with your licence.
  3. Provisional entitlement takes around two weeks, once this has been added to your licence, we can book your theory tests.
  4. You can legally begin practical lessons once you have provisional entitlement, but you can only take your on road test once you have passed the MC and HP tests. For this reason we recommend that trainees achieve MC and HP as a minimum before beginning practical lessons. We can provide you with practice material for all theory tests. For a taster test follow the link below:



 Multiple Choice (MC)  100 Questions  1Hr      55  Mins  85 out of 100
 Hazard Perception (HP)  A series of Video Clips where you have to identify the hazards  Approx. 45Mins  67 out of 100
 Module 2 CPC Case Studies  7 Case studies approx. 6 – 8 Questions on each  1 Hr 15 Mins  40 out of 50
 Module 4  “Show me Tell Me” Where trainee and Vehicle present at Test Centre where examiner asks a series of questions  30 Mins  80% overall however you must attain 75% in each section
 Practical test  On Road test to include reversing exercise  1 Hr 30Mins  NA