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Know Before you Tow lgv licence costIf you passed your car driving test after 01/01/1997 then read the following guide;

lgv licence    A Unladen weight of towing vehicle 

  B  MAM or gross weight of towing vehicle                                           

Operator Licence Awareness Training  C  MAM or gross weight of the trailer 

You WILL need Category BE if either of the following applies;

B + C is more than 4250 kg 

C is more than A 

You will NOT need Category BE if either of the following applies;

C is equal to or less than 750Kg and C + B is equal to or less than 4250 Kg
C is more than 750 kg but less than A and C + B is equal to or less than 3500kg.

Always check the vehicles handbook for manufacturers recommended towing weights. These should never be exceeded. Your insurance may be invalid if you tow above the manufacturers recommended towing weights, or if you tow with a vehicle combination that is not covered by the licence held.

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You could need considerably more than a B+E driving test – if the trailer exceeds 1020kg unladen weight or the towing vehicle is over 3.5 tonnes and they are being used in connection with a business, you are likely to require a Goods Vehicle Operators Licence, the towing vehicle may require a Tachograph and the driver will have to observe Drivers Hours Regulations.